Hello World!


I decided to begin this blog as a way to vent my feelings and to let other people out there dealing with the same things I deal with on a daily basis, know that they are NOT ALONE!  In the process I hope that this is not only therapeutic but a little bit fun as well. 

4 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. This blog is amazing! I know that this will help other families who are going through this. After reading, I didn’t know done of the things that you were really going through. Nobody but God is giving you and your family strength. I will continue to pray for you. You’re an amazing mom and I’m so blessed to have you in my life.

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  2. NickyB from the 305! You made me laugh. Rare that a person makes me laugh these days. Enjoyed reading some of your posts. Thanks for checking out Gracie’s blog. I’ll be checking yours out from time to time to see how you all are doing. By the way, my wife is an elementary educator. Anyway, best regards, and take care.

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