“I Just Have To Tell The Truth”

Our Reality…

Like Jenny McCarthy said, “for family and friends…the best thing you can give is babysitting time.” But for us, letting others watch our son was a difficult experience. On one hand there were friends and family members who offered sometimes to watch MJ but they had “the kid(s) from hell.” No disrespect to them, but we had a responsibility to leave our son in conditions where he is safe, and we wanted him to be alive when we returned home from a night out Lol! We honestly tried our best not to offend them and found a way to say no every time they offered. It was a difficult enough task trying to teach MJ manners and appropriate behaviors. The last thing we needed was MJ in the company of kids who were rude, mean to him, and disrespectful. On the other hand there were some people who offered us to bring MJ to their home but their homes were not “autism friendly” and looked like a museum. We definitely would have had to pay an invoice of $50,000 in damages every time he went there lol! Oddly enough, the people who did have ideal conditions of care for an autistic child were just not interested in babysitting. Jenny went on to say that the babysitting should be done in the child’s home. That is where the child is most comfortable and safe. MJ is 10 years old now and there are only 2 homes other than ours that he is totally comfortable in. Even when we explained this to people, it appeared as though they still “didn’t get it”. I wish I could put into words the feeling of worry that NEVER leaves us concerning MJ and then maybe people would get it…Anyhow I pray that people don’t judge, but instead listen, and try to understand.


6 thoughts on ““I Just Have To Tell The Truth”

  1. I get it. When you have kids there are certain things that need to be in place and not everyone understands. Kids are curious being, but at the end of the your is their castle. The king needs to be home so mommy and daddy can have a little time.

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  2. Thanks for sharing- this will help others to be more effective when offering to help out. You’re so right though- what child wouldn’t be at home (safe) in their own surroundings?


  3. My parents house is the only place other than school or our house I leave the boys. All of their comforts are here. The few people that watch them get it. I’ve decided everyone else can bite me 😉 (not really but it’s so hard to feel okay leaving them I don’t feel like i need added pressure of making them uncomfortable)

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    1. I totally understand. Other than my my house my son is most comfortable at my dads and a family friends home. It’s So nice to know that I’m not alone!!!


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