Mj’s Therapy

Finding additional therapy for MJ has been a task (he receives 90 min of speech therapy and 30 minutes of occupational therapy every week at school).  I spent hours online and on the phone calling several centers to find out if they took my insurance and had evening appointments available.  Thankfully I found a great place for him to go.  It’s 30 minutes away from our home but I make the drive because MJ is worth it.  He thinks he is just going to play and exercise but it’s all occupational therapy.  We still have a way to go as he still can’t tie his shoelaces yet (gonna have a party when that finally happens), but I have seen major improvements over the years.  His writing is legible and he writes sentences now, he can fasten and unfasten buttons and buckles, he has more balance, and more strength in his arms and legs.  Tonight in therapy he did an excellent job going through the obstacle course and performing several other activities.  I am so grateful for his wonderful therapist Ms. Elizabeth.  She is able to get him to do things that I STILL can’t get him to do lol!  She is another piece of this autism puzzle that I could not do without!

Featured imageMJ and Ms. Elizabeth 🙂


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