#Sweetmoment :-)

I just love these moments…

ME: Kissing MJ on the cheek after his therapy appointment today.

MJ: “Mommy, why are you kissing me?”

ME: “Because I am proud of you son and I love you.”

MJ: Stares at me for 2 seconds…”I love you too mommy”…Then gives me a kiss on my cheek.


Featured imageBoy do I love this kid!


13 thoughts on “#Sweetmoment :-)

  1. Awww that literally made me tear up and 0 to 60 seconds, that’s so precious, I love reading your post are great πŸ™‚


  2. I admire your strength and your compassion for your family. Sweet moments help make things easier, even if it is for a moment. There is hope.

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  3. OMG this is soooo sweet!!!!Β  Oh I love that pic of him!! Β  What a special moment!Β  πŸ™‚


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