“Better Late Than Never”

A few weeks ago I wrote a post entitled “Disappointed”.  It was about the big bunch of “nothingness” that was going on at my school regarding “World Autism Awareness Day”.  Well, as I was walking into school today, I saw this sign:

Featured image

I was actually shocked and had to stop to take this picture.  Had they listened to me when I complained? Did someone realize that the school didn’t plan anything this month?  Did they see the disgusted look on my face? Whatever the reason, I am glad that they are doing something.  I know it’s late in the month.  I know it’s not enough, but I am grateful that they are at least recognizing it.  As I have said before I am new at the school this year.  Next year I will make sure that much more is done to bring awareness and acceptance.  For now, my job is to find out who is taking these donations and where they will be sending the money!


8 thoughts on ““Better Late Than Never”

  1. It’s definitely great, better late than never, as awareness about autism grows in schools I think a lot of students will be less likely to bully children that they don’t understand they will grow to have some compassion and understanding for their fellow classmate that is not quite the same as them, I think the conversation will be great for a student and teacher and for them at home with their parents about autism, which will somewhat build a type of protection around autistic kids in school and there will be less bullying :-))

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  2. Wow! Every time I read your post I am amazed and encouraged that nothing is impossible. Keep fighting and remember MJ is the small picture. There is a world that needs a voice.

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  3. I’m new to the whole autism scene, I didn’t realise it was autism awareness month until I got out to my local group, I’m now thinking I have a full year to plan how I’m going to try an join in next year. So I’m sure it’s better late than never!!

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