“One Small Step”

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Today was the Autism Awareness day at the school where I work.  There were many kids that wore blue in honor of Autism Awareness.  Many people hate the phrase Autism Awareness but I don’t.  You see, I teach students all day long that have never even heard the word autism.  I was very pleased when I received an email saying that they were going to show a video during lunch today.  The video was of a young man with Asperger’s, speaking about autism and giving 10 important things about it that he thought people should know.  The students watched and listened to that video.  In addition to the video shown at lunch, I chose to play a short video for my students.  Today was the day that I told all of my students about my own son and asked them to really pay attention to the video.  After each class viewed it, we had a question and answer session.  My students were interested in knowing more about it.  A few students raised their hands to tell about a friend or relative that also had autism.  By the end of the day several students came up to me and thanked me for taking the time to show the video, answer questions, and tell about my own life.  It was a wonderful thing (especially if you know the behavior of a typical middle school kid lol).  My hope is that they will never forget today and will move from awareness to true acceptance of their peers with autism.

Short video I showed to my students today.


16 thoughts on ““One Small Step”

  1. I am glad you you are educating our youth. Trust me this going to make such an impact on their lives on how to be more tolerant. A lot just don’t know or they have they have been told by other ignorant people that people with Autism are retarded. Good job! 👍

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