“I Just Love When Family Visits”

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My brother came in town to visit for a few days.  I regretted telling my kids that he was coming because they repeatedly asked “when is uncle coming?”  It’s always nice when family visits but it always makes me regret not living close to my siblings.  I know that I would have a better support system and they would be closer to my kids. I had to explain to my brother that though MJ appears to not be paying attention to him, that he actually is.  MJ came downstairs with his laptop and stayed in the living room while the grownups talked.  He rarely comes downstairs with his laptop.  He is mainly in his room when he is on it.  That was MJ’s way of spending time with him and showing that he was happy that he was there.   We played a few games of UNO and my brother managed to get in a few “tickling sessions” with MJ.  I am so grateful that he is here and we are enjoying our time together.   🙂


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