Another “Crying Episode”

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Last night Mj had another crying episode.   This one lasted for 2 hours.  It started about an hour before bedtime.   The trigger seemed to be that he couldn’t figure out what snack he wanted…but I’m still not sure what it was.  After 15 min of him trying to choose a snack, he finally ate something and seemed to be ok.  A few minutes after that he started crying again.  I comforted him the best way that I could and told him everything will be ok.   He went to bed crying.  He kept saying “but I’m sad”.   We talked about his birthday parties (he had one at school too) and the awesome weekend we had…He was still crying.  I hugged him and sang.  He was still crying.  I continuously asked him what was wrong and massaged his head.   He was still crying.   I turned on his favorite show.  He was still crying.  By this time it’s way passed his bedtime.   My husband decided to try. He lied in Mj’s bed for about 30 min.  They both watched a little of the basketball game and he calmed down a little bit but was still crying.   At the 2 hour mark we kissed and hugged him, said prayers and told him to try and go to bed.   We checked on him after 20 min and he was asleep.  I absolutely hate when this happens.  It’s so difficult to figure out what is wrong and what the trigger is (sigh).   This morning he seemed ok.  I sent his teacher a text message to give her a “heads up”.   She said he was unmotivated today.   Praying and believing that tomorrow will be better.


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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I think part of being a mom is always wanting to kiss and make it better, and when you can’t it is just…heartbreaking. I’m sorry he had such a hard time. He is a lucky little man to have such caring and supportive parents. I hope today is better!

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  2. Hang in there Momma!! I know all to well how tough this type of situation can be. You are doing such a great job, and what a great thing to tag team with your hubby 🙂 praying MJ has a better day tomorrow and that the Holy Spirit will reveal triggers so home life can be a bit smoother. Sending hugs 🙂

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  3. Hi there. I have autism. I am a 38 year old mother to one daughter in the UK.

    What you have described your son experiencing is what I would experience myself as a ‘meltdown’. Hysterical crying and sobbing, often for what appears to be no real reason. The ‘trigger’ can be anything but the reason is often a prolonged build up of anxiety. It’s like starting your day with a tray of spoons and each thing you do or experience takes away one, two, three, four spoons at a time, depending on how anxious it makes you (either consciously or subconsciously), also depending on the level of sensory input and overload to my system. If I have a lot of these things to handle over a ‘relatively’ short space of time and I do not counteract my anxiety by using sensory products like therapy putty and weighted wrist weights, blanket etc on a regular basis – when not stressed and if I don’t get enough space and quiet from other people, then I will meltdown or shut down.

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  4. Before diagnosis I would often reach the end of my day and feel physically unwell, I would be people and sensory overloaded and need to be alone, in the dark, possibly listen to music in headphones. The next morning it is like my body has had a reboot. But after a big crying episode it will take me a couple of days to not feel like I need to sleep constantly, be depressed and unable to cope generally. Then it seems I am able to cope well again and the cycle continues. I am currently finding ways to reduce the frequency of my meltdowns / crying episodes.

    I understand that these may be distressing for you to experience. They are really horrible for the person having them. Some people want to be left alone during them. I want unconditional holding, someone to be there. But there’s no point asking ‘what’s wrong?’ Because it is a build up of coping with the world and expectations, it is autism. There is stuff you can do to help, can’t write any more now.

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  5. Ugh I go through this with myself and JI. Mine is anxiety based, but like the other commenter, everything either builds up or is completely depleted and bam, here comes the flood. JI’s seems to be more sensory overload, like when he’s had a really busy full day and just cannot be “on” any more.
    It is so hard to see him go through it, especially when he is trying to fall asleep and the crying won’t stop. I don’t know what is worse though, having to comfort him or having him comfort me when I’m crying!

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