Flashback Friday Pic (1 day late)!

This pic was taken when MJ was 3 years old.   We were amazed that:

1.  They got him to keep the hat and clothes on!

2.  They got him to stay in the chest!

3. They managed to get a great picture of him genuinely smiling!

These were the days when he was the “Roadrunner”.  I treasure this picture.  It reminds me of how long God has been looking out for us.  The people at the daycare and the photographers didn’t stop until they were able to get a great pic of him.  This is truly one of my favorites!


8 thoughts on “Flashback Friday Pic (1 day late)!

  1. This really is so adorable! Right now my five year old grandson, who has autism, he understands cell phones. He is obsessed with them. You can get shots of him now…but if he wants you to. LOL. I am not sure he would do well with a photographer like this picture. Your son is just really so cute here, and growing to be a handsome little guy 🙂

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