Me: checking MJ’s bookbag I see what appears to be a paper typed by MJ! “ There’s no way he typed this?! I decide to send his teacher a text message asking her who typed the paper. 

Ms H (MJ’s teacher and I quote):  ” He typed it!!! Picked out the picture too!”  

Me: “What?!?!?! Wow. I’m shocked”

Ms. H: “He Researched. Planned. Wrote. Edited. Typed. Emailed it to me. Selected a picture. Took a lot of work but he did it.” 

Me:  “Wow I’m impressed. So proud of him.”

Ms. H:  “He is a rock star!”

This was MJ’s first official typed paper. After that text message conversation I ran upstairs to MJ and gave him a huge hug and kiss.  I told him how  proud I was of him. He gave me a wide smile. Once again I have to stress the importance of a great teacher.  She was able to get him to really work hard and complete this assignment.  We are really going to miss her next year.  I can only pray that his future teachers live up to his past teachers.  Now I will gladly display his paper on the refrigerator.    πŸ˜€



18 thoughts on “#Awesome!

      1. the fine motor of using a pencil can be really difficult. Ben will do as little as he has to if he has to write, but give him a keyboard and all of his ideas can come to life. It’s a wonderful freedom. I hope that MJ keeps typing and exploring news ways to express himself.

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