“I Almost Got It!”

I was excited to take MJ to therapy today.  He was in a great mood which apparently was present all day because his teacher sent me a great message.  Last week we were unable to go due to a horrible accident on the interstate.  When we got there today, MJ had just woken up.  I don’t like it when he falls asleep right before therapy because he sometimes doesn’t concentrate or engage in the session.  Well today he was awesome! HE ALMOST TIED HIS SHOELACES!!   After therapy he said “I almost got it!” He hasn’t been this close to mastering it in a long time.  I’m so thankful for therapy sessions like today.  Many times MJ shuts down for one reason or another, gets frustrated, or doesn’t respond.  Thank God for great days! I don’t take them for granted!

In dream land right before his session today. 😊


12 thoughts on ““I Almost Got It!”

  1. That’s awesome!! We are still working on this one with my son. To be quite honest I don’t think that he is even remotely interested. I just bought him some shoes with laces that are sewn onto the inside of the shoes. That’s lazy right? Jr. loves them. He brags about putting them on. LOL I know we need to get more serious about this.

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      1. I know that’s right. We have to push them beyond their comfort zone because there is so much inside of them just waiting to come out and shock the rest of the world. Our little guys are on fire!!

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