#TBT Pic! First time@IHOP


For many families a trip to IHOP is no big deal. For us, it’s a moment to be treasured! This pic was taken when MJ was six years old.  At this age I REFUSED to take MJ to any sit down restaurant other than McDonald’s. It was sensory overload for him and he would disturb everyone around him.  My husband however, decided to give it a try one day.  I was completely shocked when he sent me this pic as they were getting ready to eat! “Is that MJ sitting down calmly getting ready to eat?!?!” I was amazed and grateful that my husband took him on these types of outings.  Thank God things are better now.  Having a sit down meal at a restaurant is still a great family moment that we never take for granted.  


9 thoughts on “#TBT Pic! First time@IHOP

  1. He is such a gorgeous kid.
    Dining out can be a nightmare. I remember all the well meaning advice and the stress. I can’t imagine what it is like for them. Hurray for all the things we take for granted and out Littles learn to share with us! Our kids are awesome!

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  2. Hi there,

    Thank you for sharing this. I completely understand we still save a trip to a restaurant as a family as a treat and my son is 17 years old already. It’s still a huge ask for him to sit still after the meal is done.



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