5th Grade Dance :-)


MJ is in the red shirt!

Just this week MJ’s teacher informed me that they would be having a school dance on Friday during the day for the 5th graders.  She was great enough to take a few pictures for me.  Knowing how much my son loves music I knew he would have a great time. The night before the dance my husband tried to teach him how to do a simple dance move. MJ said to him “but I can’t dance”. My husband immediately stopped what he was doing and tried to teach him a dance move.   It didn’t go well (sigh).  He started doing that thing he does whenever we try to teach him something (as I have said before, he actually learns some things better from other people).  So, yesterday I was thrilled to receive several text messages from my son’s teacher and she even followed up with a phone call after school ( have I said how much I love her)!  He had a blast and was dancing and having fun for the entire 2 hours.  She said he was giving “high fives” and all.  I am still in denial that next week is the last week of elementary school life for MJ.  I have had loads of support, advice, and great care during his elementary school years.   I’m so worried that it may all vanish during our middle school journey.  However, I will try and stay as positive and proactive as I can.  Lord help me! 


19 thoughts on “5th Grade Dance :-)

  1. We will continue to pray that God will continue to send the right people along MJs path to bless & direct him all the days of his life. He will be blessed! Amen!πŸ™πŸ½

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  2. I pray that you will have peace and will still get the good things you received at his elementary school at his new middle school!!!

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  3. That is awesome! The love of music is definitely strong daddy, but I know it is a love of mommy as well. Even though there are things he learns better from others he still shows those genes.

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  4. Hi there

    It’s always the most daunting because we don’t know what to expect next. Change affects not just our littles but all of us. We are fearful of the unknown.

    Just know it all works out exact as it should



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  5. Oh that is awesome!!! He looks like he was throwing down too. Your post is inspiring for me. My little guy is only in the third grade so it’s nice to see someone who is a little further along than we are. Your son will continue to be blessed and do well. He has a great support system. Keep sharing your stories! I love them.

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      1. Okay it’s at the end of the post. If you scroll down to the bottom of the post there is a star in a box that says like but you won’t see it until after the blog post. I didn’t realize that was an issue. Thanks for alerting me.

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