He Finally Ate A Vegetable!

Some call it a starch but I call it a vegetable! A couple of days ago MJ ate some sweet potato! MJ has always been extremely finicky about vegetables.   He doesn’t even want me to have them on his plate next to the other foods he eats.  I try to introduce different foods but if the texture and taste are different or not to his liking, he protests and takes it off of his plate.  For this reason I always have to make sure he takes his vitamins etc.  a few days ago I decided to try again with him.  When he was a baby he LOVED the sweet potato baby food and I thought that would continue as he got older, but it hasn’t! I put a baked potato in the oven for a little over an hour.   I took it out, mashed it up, and added a little butter and a dash of brown sugar.  I took a plate of it to MJ at the dinner table.  I said “MJ look at this sweet potato! It’s just like the sweet potato pie that I bake.  Do you want to try some? Its delicious!”  To my surprise he said yes! I gave him one spoonful and asked him if he wanted more.   He said YES! I scooped some on his plate and ran to get my phone to take a pic of him eating it.  Well he ate it so fast that I didn’t get a chance to take a pic! I’m thrilled that he finally tried it and I will most definitely continue to make it for him.  Maybe he has turned a corner and is willing to try more foods. I’m going to continue to try and introduce more veggies into his diet.

#TBT Pic of MJ :-)

This pic wants taken when MJ was just 3 and a half years old.  He was the student of the month at the special needs pre-k in Georgia.  I was recently sent this pic by a friend and was so excited because I had lost this pic in our move to Florida. I’m very grateful to have it again. I love this kid😊


Successful #Staymarriedvacation!

My husband and I have returned from our “stay married vacation” and we have checked all the boxes:

  • Rest…check
  • Sleep…Check
  • Relaxation…Check
  • Have sex without the kids interrupting…CHECK!
  • Rejuvenation…Check
  • Miss the kids but prevent ourselves from calling them 3 times a day…Check
  • Have fun…check
  • Reconnect and fall in love again…check
  • Come back refreshed and in a better position to parent…check!

We really did have a wonderful time and I am already planning next year’s vacation.  I hope we have inspired someone to take their own “stay married vacation”  🙂

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Ok, So Camp Is Going Well!

last week I wrote about an incident that happened with my son at camp. My daughter ended up seeing kids being mean to MJ and told me about it.  Since that day I spoke with the camp director and thankfully things seem to be going well. He is excited to go to camp in the mornings and has a smile on his face in the afternoons.  I sure hope this continues but my antennae are up!



MJ Is Swimming :-)

Two years ago after private swim lessons, MJ would cling to us in the water and scream bloody murder! I was so excited yesterday after taking my kids to the pool.  MJ began to swim and I quickly had to capture it on video.  This is an example of how determination and patience pays off!  He absolutely loves the water and I’m so happy for his improvement!

#TBT Pic of MJ :-)


This pic was taken a few years ago when MJ was 9.  This was early one morning on his way to school.  I had to wake him up very early for him to go on the school bus.   He was doing his best to smile for me 😊.