I Finally Ordered It

  A few weeks ago I wrote about the fact that MJ was beginning to wander.  He began wandering when he was out with me at the store and while at school.  I meant to buy him a medical alert bracelet years ago and never did. I have actually battled with the thought of, “if he has a bracelet on that labels him autistic will he be a target for predators?”  Due to the increase in his wandering I have had to put that thought to rest.  I have to do what I can to help keep him safe.   I went online and searched various websites until I found one that specialized in medical jewelry.  I bought a simple ID bracelet that has “autism” written on one side and our contact info on the other.  I pray that I never have to get a call from anyone saying that my son is lost. For now I will settle with the little “token of peace” that I have since I received the bracelet in the mail.  Now, here’s to hoping he keeps the bracelet on!


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