Our Annual “Stay Married Vacation”

Haven’t we all heard that 50% of all marriages end in divorce? Well add a special needs child and that rate goes up to 80%.  Many people say that rate is untrue.   Regardless of your own personal view I think most people agree that marriage can be difficult. Even if you are swinging from the chandeliers every night, there are still difficult moments and seasons in a marriage.   About 6 years ago my husband and I began taking what I call a “stay married vacation” once a year.  It has become a  priority in our marriage to take this vacation. This is a KIDLESS vacation! This is our time to relax, reconnect, have sex without a child knocking on the door and asking us to open the door, and just have a REAL break!  It has been amazing for us.  We return home rejuvenated and better prepared to handle our daily lives.  My dad and stepmom have stayed with our kids for all of these vacations.  It is wonderful for the kids as well because they know it’s their special time with granddad and grandma.  I am forever grateful to them for this.  We are able to go away and not worry about the kids at all.  Soon we will be going on this vacation. This is one thing that we do as a couple to make sure we maintain a happy marriage and a happy home. 

Last year’s stay married vacation in Puerto Rico 😊


20 thoughts on “Our Annual “Stay Married Vacation”

  1. Look at those happy smiles! It’s a blessing to be married but even more so to pray & stay together regardless of the challenges that life brings. May God continue to bless you both & the children.
    Love you all xoxoxo

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      1. Half our family is in South Africa and the other half in France… Somehow I don’t think we’ll be going on a trip alone any time soon 😊

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  2. It’s a pity I didn’t think of having a “stay married” vacation … I might still be married now but I quite appreciate the importance of uninterrupted relaxed time together. This is an excellent idea (maybe I’ll try it next time around – will keep you posted) πŸ™‚ PS: your family is beautiful!

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