What Are They Thinking?!?!! Preparing MJ For Middle School (part 3)   

Are They Serious?!?

As many of you know, MJ will be entering  middle school soon.  I recently called the school to inquire about their “meet and greet” for incoming sixth graders.  I was informed that they would not be having a meet and greet. Instead, they are having a parent orientation meeting! I don’t know about you but I don’t give two fiddle sticks about an orientation!  What I care about is a smooth transition for MJ. It is imperative that he meet his teacher and see his classroom before the first day of school.  Upon hearing the news, I immediately emailed the ESE specialist at the school.  I waited 2 days and noticed she hadn’t even read my email! I decided to call her and to my surprise she picked up the phone on the first ring.  I informed her about my email and my concerns.  I asked her “what day and time is good for a quick meet and greet?” She did lots of “iffing and butting” until she finally said “I understand your concerns and we will work something out.”  We ended the phone call after that statement but I am not satisfied.  In another week I will be politely sending a follow up email and phone call if I have to.  I honestly try to be as nice as I possibly can because these individuals will have direct contact with my son. I don’t want them treating him badly due to my behavior.    I have seen how some unprofessional people treat students after dealing with the issues of their parents.  Whatever happens, mark my words…My son WILL meet his teacher before his first day of middle school. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE.  


Love/Hate Blogger Challenge

I want to thank 21andsensory for putting me up to this challenge! The rules for this challenge include writing 10 things that you love and 10 things that you hate. So here it goes:

Ten Things That I love:

1.  God

2.  My Family (husband, kids, sisters, brothers, parents, cousins).

3.  Teaching students that are eager to learn.

4.  Starbucks vanilla latte or cinnamon dolce latte with breve 🙂

5. True friends that have been there for me over the years and communicate with me throughout the year.

6.  Advocating for my son.

7.  Sitting down with a hot cup of tea or coffee and reading a book or magazine.

8.  ANY ice cream that Haagen Daz makes ( ok right now caramel cone is my favorite).

9.  Going for a long drive while listening to music.

10.  Blogging

Ten Things I Hate:

1.  Bad customer service

2.  When someone leaves crumbs in the butter container!

3.  Cleaning bathrooms and refrigerators.

4.  When someone takes my parking space.

5.  The looks I get sometimes in public when I’m out with MJ.

6.  Teachers that shouldn’t be teaching because they no longer like kids!

7.  When someone bullies my kids.

8.  Someone that constantly brags about themselves.

9.  When my husband leaves his clothes on the floor.

10.  Crying babies (in excess of 5 minutes) in the movie theater.

That was fun 🙂

Summer is almost over :-(

It’s hard to believe that our summer is almost over (sigh)!  I’m going to miss the freedom that summer vacation gives us. I haven’t been blogging much this week due to different activities but I’ll be blogging again more regularly pretty soon.  

The kids today swimming at a friend’s house.  They had so much fun. 😀

Preparing MJ For Middle School (Part 2)

“Dear Lord,  As I prepare MJ for middle school, I ask that you prevent me from having nausea and vomiting every day.  Please help me to remember your word.  Give me wisdom on how to make this an easy transition for him…and again the vomiting thing…seriously Lord I really need help there.  Amen”

Today I decided to take a drive and show my son his new middle school.  Whenever MJ is about to go to a new school, I drive by and show him the school, the area, and our driving route.  I do this at least 5 times before the actual day of school.  It helps him to anticipate what will be happening once the school year begins.  We will often get out of the car and walk around the grounds a little bit.  I make him read the name of the school and the street that it’s on.  He was happy, smiling, and saying “I’m a big boy” several times while we were there today.  Meanwhile, I honestly began to feel nauseous and began sweating.  My mind always plays terrible scenarios of what could happen to him while he is in school.  I replay things that I have personally seen throughout my years of teaching.  It is difficult to get those things out of my mind.  I always have to remind myself that God is protecting him and that I have done all that I know to do. I pray that the coming weeks will allow me to feel prepared as well.


Featured image

MJ gazing at his new middle school.