MJ Tells Another Joke!

It’s really funny how this joke telling always happens at bedtime. 

The other night he came into the room at bedtime with a penny in his hand and then said:

“Heads, we go to bed”.  Tails, we don’t go to bed”!  He giggled and giggled then threw the penny up in the air.  It landed on “tails”.  He then said “so we don’t go to bed”!  He laughed so much that he made me laugh and my daughter joined in with the fun after a while.  Needless to say they both went to bed shortly thereafter but not without trying to demand that they stay up later.  Gotta love moments like that.  πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “MJ Tells Another Joke!

  1. What beautiful children. MJ, and his sister. And a lovely recounting of one of life’s simple pleasures, all too elusive for families like yours. Our next door neighbor and their sweet Lance, 9, our young friend, share your struggle….

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