Best. Gift.  Ever.  

We had talked about my birthday coming up earlier on in the week. The kids listened, then my daughter talked about all of the things SHE wanted to do lol.   Anyway, on my birthday morning everyone was asleep except for MJ of course ( he still wakes up very early in the morning no matter when he goes to bed at night).  He heard me moving about and came into my bedroom.  He looked at me and said “mommy today is your birthday.  Happy Birthday mommy.”  He then closed the door and went back to his room to play.  For the first time in his life no one told him to say it.  No one reminded him that it was my birthday.  My son said it on his own with a big, genuine smile on his face.  Best. Gift. Ever. 😊



27 thoughts on “Best. Gift.  Ever.  

  1. Oh lovely post, the 1st bit made me chuckle as it was so familiar as my daughter is the same, and then the end of the post made me feel so emotional. What a wonderful birthday present, something from the heart that no amount of money could buy.

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