Should’ve Been A Nice Day At The Park

The other day we all decided to go to the park. My husband would play basketball with people that are 20 years younger than him (he still believes he can play better than them lol), while the kids and I took a walk.  It started out well.  MJ was further ahead of me than I like, but he now stops and waits for me at certain places in the park.  During our second lap, my daughter noticed that no one was on the swings.  It’s been a while since she swung on one, so I said “ok go and swing.”  MJ used to LOVE the swing.  It would calm him down.  The OT he had years ago would always make him swing at the beginning of each session.  Anyhow, They both began to swing when all of a sudden MJ purposely and continuously threw himself off of the swing.  This wasn’t him being playful (at first I thought he was joking around).  He was having a mini meltdown.  I HATED that I had to make my daughter stop swinging but MJ would not stop.  Eventually he got up and we started walking again.  I could tell that he was still upset but he walked with us back to the basketball court. I am still not sure what triggered it but I think we will try it again this weekend.

Took this pic after the second time he fell off of the swing.  I thought he was joking at the beginning 😏


14 thoughts on “Should’ve Been A Nice Day At The Park

  1. I hope it’s better this weekend, if its not at least you will be closer to finding the trigger? Has it been so long ago that he was on the swing that he has grown and it feels different?
    I hope you have a nice time next time.

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