Love/Hate Blogger Challenge

I want to thank 21andsensory for putting me up to this challenge! The rules for this challenge include writing 10 things that you love and 10 things that you hate. So here it goes:

Ten Things That I love:

1.  God

2.  My Family (husband, kids, sisters, brothers, parents, cousins).

3.  Teaching students that are eager to learn.

4.  Starbucks vanilla latte or cinnamon dolce latte with breve 🙂

5. True friends that have been there for me over the years and communicate with me throughout the year.

6.  Advocating for my son.

7.  Sitting down with a hot cup of tea or coffee and reading a book or magazine.

8.  ANY ice cream that Haagen Daz makes ( ok right now caramel cone is my favorite).

9.  Going for a long drive while listening to music.

10.  Blogging

Ten Things I Hate:

1.  Bad customer service

2.  When someone leaves crumbs in the butter container!

3.  Cleaning bathrooms and refrigerators.

4.  When someone takes my parking space.

5.  The looks I get sometimes in public when I’m out with MJ.

6.  Teachers that shouldn’t be teaching because they no longer like kids!

7.  When someone bullies my kids.

8.  Someone that constantly brags about themselves.

9.  When my husband leaves his clothes on the floor.

10.  Crying babies (in excess of 5 minutes) in the movie theater.

That was fun 🙂


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