What Are They Thinking?!?!! Preparing MJ For Middle School (part 3)   

Are They Serious?!?

As many of you know, MJ will be entering  middle school soon.  I recently called the school to inquire about their “meet and greet” for incoming sixth graders.  I was informed that they would not be having a meet and greet. Instead, they are having a parent orientation meeting! I don’t know about you but I don’t give two fiddle sticks about an orientation!  What I care about is a smooth transition for MJ. It is imperative that he meet his teacher and see his classroom before the first day of school.  Upon hearing the news, I immediately emailed the ESE specialist at the school.  I waited 2 days and noticed she hadn’t even read my email! I decided to call her and to my surprise she picked up the phone on the first ring.  I informed her about my email and my concerns.  I asked her “what day and time is good for a quick meet and greet?” She did lots of “iffing and butting” until she finally said “I understand your concerns and we will work something out.”  We ended the phone call after that statement but I am not satisfied.  In another week I will be politely sending a follow up email and phone call if I have to.  I honestly try to be as nice as I possibly can because these individuals will have direct contact with my son. I don’t want them treating him badly due to my behavior.    I have seen how some unprofessional people treat students after dealing with the issues of their parents.  Whatever happens, mark my words…My son WILL meet his teacher before his first day of middle school. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE.  



39 thoughts on “What Are They Thinking?!?!! Preparing MJ For Middle School (part 3)   

  1. It’s a really reasonable request. One that benefits everyone. Odd that it seems so unwelcome. I hope it is just a miscommunication or someone having a bad day. Kids feeling safe and comfortable is really important.

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  2. Keep on “contacting” them. They need to understand that this is important for MJ. I just don’t understand why the ESE lady wouldn’t just say “absolutely, no problem”.

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  3. It is such a simple request to meet the teacher before school starts. You are right on the mark to persist with this! Things should work out as it is in the teacher’s best interest as well.

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  4. No. They are wrong! I’m glad you are advocating for MJs rights and what’s best for him. Please keep us posted.
    This is NOT how you have a smooth transition ✋🏾 That’s garbage!

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  5. From my own experience, stay on them! I have found it very effective when sending emails to the appropriate parties to CC their superiors, principals, school superintendent, whoever. When they seen that the email has gone to their supervisors they tend to be a bit more accountable. No is not an option. It also sets the tone that you will be expecting professionalism from all parties involved and you will not be easily brushed aside. Praying for a smooth transition for all of you!

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  6. Totally agree with you. We send our son to a special developmental school, and I had to organise enough time for his transition into school – incredible that a special school isn’t doing this as a matter of course! Well done for being your son’s advocate, regardless of how much you have to push.

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  7. Oh no! I am so disappointed to hear this! Good for you for being persistent. I’m sure you’ll be able to work something out and make it happen. You’re right! Your son needs to gain some familiarity with his teacher(s) and his new school and he’s likely not the only one who needs this. Keep trying! Hugs!

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  8. Our school system does a meet and greet before the end of 5th grade for all students. Parents attend a transition meeting another day. I was able to meet and greet Tristan’s new teacher. I am sorry you are having issues.

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  9. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. I’ve been researching this topic a lot lately…the transition. It’s sad to say, but not a lot of time goes into transitioning our autistic kiddos from elementary to middle school and there’s such a drastic change in everything. I’m sure MJ will be fine because he has an amazing mother!!! I’m with you. When it’s DJ’s turn I want a personal tour of the school prior to his first day, pics of his new teachers, classes, and lunch room. I want him to have a map of the school and I want to meet with the teachers to chat about his quirks and strengths. Unfortunately teachers aren’t adequately trained in VA so hopefully that will change before my little man transitions. Again, I am so looking forward to hearing all of the exciting news about MJ’s transition.


  10. From the wonderful “bugs bunny”, “let me at’em”! I’m trying to be compassionate and patient with the public school system but as new guardians of our autistic grandson, it’s déjà u all over again! Here’s the dilemma that we are experiencing, private schools don’t “have” to take these kids so public school becomes your only choice. Public schools are overwhelmed and have given up. Be prepared to spend a lot of time at school!

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