He Made It…OK, I Made It!

Well, we officially made it through our first week of school! For months now I have been praying, fighting nausea and stress headaches, and helping to prepare MJ for middle school.   All of the preparation has paid off! He was so relaxed and happy on the first day of school.   When he realized we were in a bit of traffic on the way, he said, “come on man! I have to get to middle school.😊”   That statement was the beginning of my mind relaxing. It made me realize what I already knew.  He has always liked school and couldn’t wait to get there.  It was still difficult to drop him off at beforecare.  I think I gave the poor beforecare counselor a headache will my whole do’s and dont’s speech! When I returned to pick him up he said ” I had a great day mommy!”

I am thrilled to say that he has received a great report every day this week.  His behavior and attention has been awesome! I can only pray that this continues.  The headache and stress was totally worth it. I would do it all over again.

  MJ deserves it.  


Back To School! Back To Hectic!

I know it’s Wednesday! I’ve been meaning to take a “back to school” pic of the kids since Monday! The truth is I was so nervous on Monday morning that I forgot and Tuesday we were rushing all morning.  So today I finally remembered to take pics! It’s hump day and I’m already exhausted.  Wishing everyone a great “back to school” season!


 Here they are in all their uniformed splendor! 😊😊 

Preparing MJ For Middle School (Part 5)

This past week was a bit of a roller coaster.  My emotions were up and down concerning my attempt to have MJ meet his teacher.  Without telling a long story, the elementary school “dropped the ball.”  MJ’s entire elementary folder was not sent to the middle school and he was not scheduled to be in the right classroom (placement) as well! Had I not been communicating with the school and demanding that he meet his teacher, I would not have found out this information prior to the beginning of the school year! 

The day before the orientation I made one last phone call to the ESE specialist requesting that he meet the teacher after the orientation.  She agreed (even if she hadn’t, I would have stayed in the front office until I was able to meet with the teacher)! 

Orientation day went well! After one hour of listening to the rules of the school (yawn) it was finally time for us to meet his teacher.  He shook her hand, looked around the room, and smiled!  We all began to chit chat a little then I showed him his room number and building number.  He was even able to meet his speech teacher.  The weight was completely lifted. He met her, knows her name, knows where his classroom is, and is officially ready to start school! Middle School Here We Come!

 MJ in front of his classroom with a genuine smile😊

He Did It!!!!

I can hardly contain myself and write this.  MJ tied shoelaces today during therapy!!!! He did it twice.  Of course it wasn’t in front of me! His therapist told me that even she had to walk away before he finally did it by himself. She had him take a bow in front of the other kids/ therapists and really made it exciting for him.  She gave him a toy from the “treasure box” and he played with it the entire ride home.  He said “mommy, I did my best.” All I could do was smile and give him a thousand hugs and kisses.  When we asked him to tie it again, he couldn’t or rather wouldn’t do it.   Nevertheless I’m thrilled and a celebration is in order.  Woo hoo!


Dentist Appointment Of The Year!

MJ has always been a little (ok, a lot) nervous going to the dentist.  Truth be told, I had to schedule very early morning appointments because I knew he would be screaming.  I wanted to make sure that he would not disturb any other poor kid out of their minds.  I also wanted to be certain that the office wouldn’t be too crowded.  We would have to sing, play a video on a portable DVD player, and talk to him through the entire appointment.  They would always try to get X-rays done but he would scream and almost gag every time ( I personally hate taking dental X-rays myself).  Well, a few days ago MJ had a dental check-up. He had been going to this particular office since we moved to FL so he had been there about 6 times already.  The hygenist and dentist have been amazing. They know MJ.  They take their time, allow him to hold their hands as they clean his teeth, and play games with him during the entire process.  This was his best appointment ever.  He said “this is not going to hurt is it?”  They both laughed and said “no MJ it won’t hurt.”  They gave him his sunglasses and began cleaning his teeth.  MJ was compliant and pretty relaxed once they got started.  The most amazing thing about the appointment was the fact that they were able to take X-rays for the first time-and they took 4 of them!!!!!! We all kinda looked at each other and smiled.  We know that he has come a long way.  I thank God for leading me to the right dentist.  It is one less thing we have to worry about.  

At the beginning before he was relaxed. 


All done and happy

Preparing MJ For Middle School (part4)

Side note: I’ll have an update on the “meet and greet issue” soon!
At the beginning of the summer I purchased a workbook for MJ. My plan was to have him do a few pages at least once or twice a week in order to keep his skills up. Well, summer is almost over and he has done only 2 pages! I decided to try again this morning with the workbook. He saw his sister working out of her book and thankfully he decided to work as well. He climbed on the counter because well, that’s just what he wanted to do, and began completing a math page. It took him about 30 min to complete the page because his focus was not there. He played with his pencil, a spoon, and just giggled in between working on the math problems. When he does focus for more than a few minutes (with me) I’m always in shock. He focuses more in the classroom. The video shows him completing a math problem in his head and being a little silly.  



~Decided to go with a good friend of mine on a mini vacation.  It was a “girlfriends and kids getaway!”  We know our kids love the beach and we really wanted them to have a beach day. The kids enjoyed themselves immensely! MJ played in the water for hours.  He loved the sand and made sand castles.  He was in heaven. School is fast approaching and it was wonderful to get away with the kids.  Can’t wait to do it again next year!