Preparing MJ For Middle School (part4)

Side note: I’ll have an update on the “meet and greet issue” soon!
At the beginning of the summer I purchased a workbook for MJ. My plan was to have him do a few pages at least once or twice a week in order to keep his skills up. Well, summer is almost over and he has done only 2 pages! I decided to try again this morning with the workbook. He saw his sister working out of her book and thankfully he decided to work as well. He climbed on the counter because well, that’s just what he wanted to do, and began completing a math page. It took him about 30 min to complete the page because his focus was not there. He played with his pencil, a spoon, and just giggled in between working on the math problems. When he does focus for more than a few minutes (with me) I’m always in shock. He focuses more in the classroom. The video shows him completing a math problem in his head and being a little silly.  



13 thoughts on “Preparing MJ For Middle School (part4)

  1. I have so many empty and blank pages. I always start with the greatest plans and then… well. Sometimes you just have to let them be kids for a little while and hope for the best. He’s got good people to guide him πŸ™‚

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