Dentist Appointment Of The Year!

MJ has always been a little (ok, a lot) nervous going to the dentist.  Truth be told, I had to schedule very early morning appointments because I knew he would be screaming.  I wanted to make sure that he would not disturb any other poor kid out of their minds.  I also wanted to be certain that the office wouldn’t be too crowded.  We would have to sing, play a video on a portable DVD player, and talk to him through the entire appointment.  They would always try to get X-rays done but he would scream and almost gag every time ( I personally hate taking dental X-rays myself).  Well, a few days ago MJ had a dental check-up. He had been going to this particular office since we moved to FL so he had been there about 6 times already.  The hygenist and dentist have been amazing. They know MJ.  They take their time, allow him to hold their hands as they clean his teeth, and play games with him during the entire process.  This was his best appointment ever.  He said “this is not going to hurt is it?”  They both laughed and said “no MJ it won’t hurt.”  They gave him his sunglasses and began cleaning his teeth.  MJ was compliant and pretty relaxed once they got started.  The most amazing thing about the appointment was the fact that they were able to take X-rays for the first time-and they took 4 of them!!!!!! We all kinda looked at each other and smiled.  We know that he has come a long way.  I thank God for leading me to the right dentist.  It is one less thing we have to worry about.  

At the beginning before he was relaxed. 


All done and happy


24 thoughts on “Dentist Appointment Of The Year!

  1. Excellent! I have Z’s appointment next week, moved him out of his other dentist, they were good with him but receptionist wouldn’t let him be seen as were were 4 minutes late. Think he’ll need to be knocked out to get a good look.

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