Preparing MJ For Middle School (Part 5)

This past week was a bit of a roller coaster.  My emotions were up and down concerning my attempt to have MJ meet his teacher.  Without telling a long story, the elementary school “dropped the ball.”  MJ’s entire elementary folder was not sent to the middle school and he was not scheduled to be in the right classroom (placement) as well! Had I not been communicating with the school and demanding that he meet his teacher, I would not have found out this information prior to the beginning of the school year! 

The day before the orientation I made one last phone call to the ESE specialist requesting that he meet the teacher after the orientation.  She agreed (even if she hadn’t, I would have stayed in the front office until I was able to meet with the teacher)! 

Orientation day went well! After one hour of listening to the rules of the school (yawn) it was finally time for us to meet his teacher.  He shook her hand, looked around the room, and smiled!  We all began to chit chat a little then I showed him his room number and building number.  He was even able to meet his speech teacher.  The weight was completely lifted. He met her, knows her name, knows where his classroom is, and is officially ready to start school! Middle School Here We Come!

 MJ in front of his classroom with a genuine smile😊


20 thoughts on “Preparing MJ For Middle School (Part 5)

  1. What a happy little soul, he seems! As a teacher, I know how important it is to give any child with certain needs, the reassurance that things will be ok, and it seems you both got that there!

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      1. And so you should!
        My son is in his final year in junior school here in the UK, and I am dreading this time next year, as he steps into secondary school…
        He’s not diagnosed with anything, but there was certain concerns, and he is a very sensitive soul. I’ve been lucky that I teach in my kids school, but I don’t teach them, so I have been able to keep an eye on him, but next year… That all goes!!
        Wish your lil man, MJ, all the best!


  2. Glad it worked out thanks to you being so vigilant. Middle school is a big change! Hoping the school year goes great. Smiles are definitely a good sign that things are off to the right start.

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