Blogger Recognition Award…Long Overdue!

A few weeks ago Jenny over at Peace From Panic nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award.  I want to thank her for nominating me.  It really means so much.  I also want to apologize for not responding sooner.  I had been so bogged down with back to school “stuff” that I completely forgot…until now!

So, here are the rules:

1. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to. Do some digging if you must! Find those blogs. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.

2. Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you’ve nominated in the post. Make sure to also attach the award itself! (You can do this by right-clicking, saving, and uploading the image above).

3. Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them. Provide a link to the award post you created.

How My Blog Got Started:

My husband had actually been telling me to start a blog over a year before I actually started.  I was hesitant because I just didn’t know what it entailed and I was not sure that I could do it. I was really just a little nervous about it.  I am typically private when it comes to family matters.  I don’t have a Facebook or twitter account (only started Instagram for MJ) and would never even think about posting pictures on any website.  I somehow knew that it was time to start this blog.  I continually remembered how I felt when MJ was first diagnosed and I knew that my blog could/would help someone.  I felt lonely, confused, lonely, scared, lonely, anxious, and yeah lonely.  There was no one that I could talk to who could relate to anything my family was going through.  But for God, I don’t know how I would’ve survived the “early years.”  I prayed and decided to get past the “posting pics on the internet” fear.

Advice I would give new bloggers is to take time to read and search other blogs.  You can learn SO much from the experiences of others.  I am so thankful to the blogging community for that.  I also recommend that you comment and respond back to comments as much as you can.  You never know how your comment can affect someone.  You may say something that could really help a person’s situation.

I nominate this award to all of my fellow Bloggers.  You all in one way or another have positively affected my life.  We are a family.


14 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award…Long Overdue!

  1. Congratulations! Your Husband is wise…….those of us further down the Autism Chain of Experience need to share with those beginning the journey as well as with each other. Our families are more alike than not…and who else will understand the small successes or major hurdles we have to get through just to live a normal-ish life?

    Am so happy for you……keep goin’ Girl!

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