One Of Those Days

I yelled at my son. 

MJ is now sad and crying. 

I am angry at myself.   

I’m sad.  

My kids were not playing together nicely today.  

I hate when they fight. I hate that my daughter’s 8 year old mind doesn’t grasp the reality of her brother’s autism. 

I cleaned up spilled juice one too many times today.  

Then I yelled at him.  

Time to go into his room and apologize.  He didn’t deserve it.  

Mommy is so sorry.  

Tomorrow is another day…praying it’s better than today.  

Today, was just one of those days.  


39 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

  1. We all have those days. Some nights I lay in bed and grade myself, I aught to wake up covered in red ink. Truth is we all have good and bad days, and we are allowed. When we acknowledge that and say we are sorry we are teaching a good lesson about love and forgiveness and being human. It’s okay. (((hug)))

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  2. Love this post. Every single day I wish I could take at least 1 moment back and handle it more calmly. I have made every mistake possible. The great thing is each day I try to change how I handle things. Some days I do better, and some days I make the same old mistakes. It always works out though and the next day my son seems to not even remember my mistakes. It’s a team effort and quite a journey. Each day is just a learning experience.

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  3. I think is does show them even mommies and daddies make mistakes. It’s hard and sometimes I lose myself and have to go back and apologize. It stinks but a good life lesson for everyone. Hugs to you; tomorrow is a new day 😘

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  4. Gosh something must be in the air today, I just wrote a blog with the same title and I had no idea! I hope that tomorrow goes better for you mama. You are doing an amazing job, you just have to keep pushing forward xoxox.

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  5. It’s the riggers of having two young children. Autism or not there aren’t many parents that don’t get angry at times. At least you have the love to know your wrong and apologise to them.☺

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  6. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s tough….your kids are playing and fighting and being normal-ish siblings and you get cranky. Happens to the best of us and it’s……GASP…..normal! This is what people with only NT kids deal with all the time. But they don’t feel guilty because…why should they? It’s normal sibling stuff and there is no need to second guess themselves. We second guess ourselves and our parenting ALL.THE. TIME. Sometimes our kids are obnoxious with each other and we can only take so much during a three day holiday weekend.

    Your daughter will grasp what her brother’s autism means but…not today and not tomorrow but maybe in a year or two or three. (I was going to Blog about NT sibling issues next weekend—stay tuned!) But remember….this is her brother and he is who and what he is and she is his sister and to her he’s just her brother. Period. She doesn’t see a diagnosis of autism, she just sees her Big Brother MJ. And…it’s good. And it’s good for you all to have that normal sibling dynamic. Even if, during Labor Day Weekend, it makes your crazy!

    Praying helps. So does chocolate!

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  7. Hi Nick,
    So sorry about yesterday, but thank God today is a new day. Don’t beat yourself up – it’s tough and challenging to be a parent, much less a parent with a special needs child.
    Chin-up. Today will be a better day! Love you! D

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  8. Yes, it does happen. ASD or NT, it does happen.

    On that note, it is so hard to know, sometimes, how to discipline our ASD kids; how to find that thin line between them acting as brats or acting out. heavy sigh This is a hard gig.

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  9. All parents have these days. It’s okay. The best part is that you realized you needed to apologize. You modeled appropriate behavior for your kids when you made a mistake. It helps our children to see that we all make mistakes and when we do we have to make it right. Hugs! I bet the long weekend had something to do with it too–disrupted the routine a little. πŸ™‚

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  10. We all have those days. My son is non-verbal and the more and more independent he gets – the more stubborn he gets! The beauty is the blessings in disguise! I know there will be days that his determination makes me proud πŸ˜‡ and there will be days that your daughter’s acceptance (not treating your son differently) makes you proud! My son is 9 now and has servere fine motor delays. He can be clumsy 😜 but I’m so happy to see him trying to clean up after himself!

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