So Far…

Week 3 of school is now over.  MJ is doing well 😊. I spoke to his teacher and she informed me that he is doing a great job in class and commented on how “smart he is.”  She has given the students diagnostic tests and will be grouping the students based on the results.  

One of MJ’s stimming behaviors,  is having an object in his hand up in the air and continuously waving it back and forth.  The issue is that he has been doing that with his pencil. That of course could be dangerous and we need to find something to replace the pencil.   I am probably going to find a fidget toy or “squishy ball” in hopes that he will use it instead of a pencil.  I’m hoping that whatever I get him doesn’t break his concentration in class.   

The special needs before/after care has been awesome.  There are several adults in the room and the kids are always doing some kind of hands on activity.  MJ is genuinely happy to be  there. 

 He is safe.  

He is learning.  

He is making friends. 

 I’m so thankful for all of this and I pray that it continues.    

I’m also praying that this long weekend is better than last week’s.  πŸ˜


13 thoughts on “So Far…

  1. My Kiddo had a McDonald’s drinking straw (not the same one….I would buy some fries and grab a handful of straws!)he would carry around until he was about 11. They didn’t want him to carry it at school, so when he left for school in the morning, he would put it in the *lovely* silk floral arrangement I had on a table in the front foyer. When he got off the bus, he would run into the front hall and grab the darn straw and carry it around until bedtime.

    Anyway, a straw might be a good substitute if the teacher would allow. But a fidget is a good idea. I’ve found a wealth of unusual stuff on Amazon.

    It’s always something!

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  2. So glad to hear MJ is adjusting well and enjoying all aspects of his middle school experience. He is lucky to have supportive parents because happiness starts at home. About last weekend, it was just that, last weekend. Give yourself a break you are human. Have fun and enjoy the extended break.

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