#FBF Pic

This picture was taken just one year ago.  It’s funny how so much can change in such a short amount of time.  When this pic was taken…

MJ wasn’t a middle schooler

He wasn’t able to swim

He had never tied his shoelaces

Had never told a joke 

And He hadn’t eaten a vegetable

Now he is/can do ALL of these things. I’m so grateful to God for the progress he makes every year.  My son is amazing.   



19 thoughts on “#FBF Pic

    1. The only thing he REALLY eats is sweet potato. I told him that it was almost like sweet potato pie which he loves. I baked, mashed, and added just a little butter and sugar. He loves it. He had tried green beens finally! I think it helps that he sees his sister eating it. I just try and make it taste as good as I can.

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