Its been a long day.  

I’ve been on my feet for over 7 hours.  

It rained on the way home and I was stuck in traffic for a bit.  

I checked the kids’ bookbags as I do daily and realized they BOTH had homework.  Why dear God…Why?!?

So it’s been an hour and 45 minutes and finally all homework is done!

My daughter is pretty much self motivated but I do have to double check her work.   

MJ while an angel at school when they ask him to work, is NOT cooperative at home.  He does not focus and literally acts like he doesn’t know how to do it when I KNOW that he can.  

I basically feel like I HAVE HOMEWORK whenever they have homework (sigh). 

Anyone else feel this way???



“I Wanna Stay Here Forever!”

Last year was the first time we took the kids to Walt Disney World.  I wanted to take them for years but allowed my anxiety over MJ’s potential behavior  to take over.  Before last year’s trip I researched for a longgggggg time.  I must’ve called the Disney customer service number about 7 times.   I had to find the right time to go.  I knew the summer would be horrible.  Standing in line for up to an hour in 100 degree heat isn’t fun for anyone! Thanksgiving and Christmas were out because of the massive amount of people that would be there.  I would’ve been asking for a meltdown.  I also didn’t want to go when it would be cold.  MJ hates the cold (which for him is anything below 55 degrees)!  Based on all of that info I really only had the months of September, October, and the first week of November to choose from. I also had them explain their disability access card. We used it twice last year and once this year.  It did allow us to bypass a 70 min wait on a ride.   Due to the new Fastpass that Disney offers, I was able to reserve 3 rides before we even got there.  I reserved 2 train rides and a boat ride I knew he would enjoy.  I went well equipped with ear plugs,headphones, Nabi tablet,  snacks, and made sure my phone was charged.  I also requested a room that was not facing a pool.  The room was quiet and we didn’t have to listen to MJ ask to go to the pool every 2 minutes (literally). The best part of all of this is seeing how happy the kids were.  Nothing beats that.  MJ said “I wanna stay here forever.”   We had a great time last year and this trip was no different.  We bond as a family every time we take these trips. We can’t wait until our next one!   

Pic from last year


I love making great memories for my kidsπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

#TBT Pic of MJ

I remember that toy in his hand and I remember that blanket.  I used to love coming home and having “floor time” with him.  We would play together for at least an hour. He would crawl, babble, and continuously laugh as we played together.  I really miss that. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


And This Is Why I Love Blogging!

Do you see that smile on my daughter’s face???  Absolutely priceless.  We finally taught her to ride her bike without the training wheels! For 2 years we had been trying to teach MJ and Morgan at the same time.  Every time we did that,  MJ would have a meltdown because he was so frustrated that he couldn’t do it.  We’d all end up back at home upset, angry, sad, or disappointed.  A few months ago I read a blog from someone about teaching their “neurotypical” child to ride their bike.  The person mentioned that their child was missing out because of their autistic child, and they finally realized it.  They decided to teach their “neurotypical” child first, then teach their autistic child next, but not both at the same time.  Sounds simple right? The thing is, I had NEVER even thought of doing that until I read it on a blog.  I can’t remember whose blog it was πŸ˜”.  I really want to thank that person.  I never forgot what I read that day and immediately told my husband that when we try again, we have to teach our daughter first, even if MJ gets upset.  It took about an hour to teach her.  My husband and I took turns.  One was outside teaching, while the other was inside with MJ. We were both so happy and proud that she did it!! We will try again soon with MJ.  For those of you that believe in prayer, please send some our way.  We will need it!



It’s A Miracle πŸ˜

Well, it took exactly one week since my initial emails for them to “get their act together.”  There are now 25 grades for MJ in the gradebook, as opposed to the 1 grade that was there last week!  The ESE specialist emailed me with the name of the OT as well as information from the OT. I emailed her directly, and thankfully she said that MJ was doing well, was eager to do activities with her, and was cooperative (if only he was like that at home when we wanted him to do things- sigh).  I can only hope and pray that I can now take an “email break.” It’s very frustrating and mentally draining when you have to “make” people do their jobs.  

Anyhow, hope you all have a good weekend.  I’m gonna go hug my kids now😊


Still Waiting

Wouldn’t it be great if I could tell you that Mj’s teacher input all of his grades?  It would also be marvelous if I could tell you that I received a progress report.  It would make my heart soar if I could tell you that the ESE specialist responded to the email I sent days ago! Well, unfortunately I can’t tell you any of those things! I sent 2 more emails today and also left a voicemail.  About one hour ago I received an email from his teacher “apologizing for the inconvenience” and insisting that the online grade book will be updated by tomorrow. Now I plan to have a cup of tea to help relieve my headache and go to bed a little earlier tonight.   I need a mental break!