Still Waiting

Wouldn’t it be great if I could tell you that Mj’s teacher input all of his grades?  It would also be marvelous if I could tell you that I received a progress report.  It would make my heart soar if I could tell you that the ESE specialist responded to the email I sent days ago! Well, unfortunately I can’t tell you any of those things! I sent 2 more emails today and also left a voicemail.  About one hour ago I received an email from his teacher “apologizing for the inconvenience” and insisting that the online grade book will be updated by tomorrow. Now I plan to have a cup of tea to help relieve my headache and go to bed a little earlier tonight.   I need a mental break!



14 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. You are a great advocate for your son! It is hard and unfair. Still, everything you are doing is so supportive. Lucky child to have you for a mother!

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  2. Putting on my *Pollyanna* hat… least you finally got an email. At least you got some sort of answer….yes, they meant to update the online grade book and send out progress reports, so no you are not dreaming they said the would and they didn’t. At least they know they messed up and are behind with what they are supposed to do. At very least they know they are in the wrong. At very, very least. It would be worse if they didn’t realize they messed up….and that’s something…..sigh 😦

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