“I Wanna Stay Here Forever!”

Last year was the first time we took the kids to Walt Disney World.  I wanted to take them for years but allowed my anxiety over MJ’s potential behavior  to take over.  Before last year’s trip I researched for a longgggggg time.  I must’ve called the Disney customer service number about 7 times.   I had to find the right time to go.  I knew the summer would be horrible.  Standing in line for up to an hour in 100 degree heat isn’t fun for anyone! Thanksgiving and Christmas were out because of the massive amount of people that would be there.  I would’ve been asking for a meltdown.  I also didn’t want to go when it would be cold.  MJ hates the cold (which for him is anything below 55 degrees)!  Based on all of that info I really only had the months of September, October, and the first week of November to choose from. I also had them explain their disability access card. We used it twice last year and once this year.  It did allow us to bypass a 70 min wait on a ride.   Due to the new Fastpass that Disney offers, I was able to reserve 3 rides before we even got there.  I reserved 2 train rides and a boat ride I knew he would enjoy.  I went well equipped with ear plugs,headphones, Nabi tablet,  snacks, and made sure my phone was charged.  I also requested a room that was not facing a pool.  The room was quiet and we didn’t have to listen to MJ ask to go to the pool every 2 minutes (literally). The best part of all of this is seeing how happy the kids were.  Nothing beats that.  MJ said “I wanna stay here forever.”   We had a great time last year and this trip was no different.  We bond as a family every time we take these trips. We can’t wait until our next one!   

Pic from last year


I love making great memories for my kidsπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•


24 thoughts on ““I Wanna Stay Here Forever!”

  1. I am so glad you all had a fun trip! We just booked our next Disney trip. So excited! We’ve been going since he was 2 (well pre diagnosis for him), and now we have a system that works for him and us to minimize potential meltdowns. Thanksgiving isn’t actually that bad, but Christmas I don’t think we would do that again.

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      1. When we went it wasn’t that bad. Keep in mind we have actually been during summer and Christmas (never again!) before. We even had thanksgiving dinner at Cinderella’s castle πŸ™‚

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  2. Love this story. I understand how you felt before you went on the trip. I experienced the same thing when my son was younger. We took the kids to Universal Studios and it was tough. My husband and I took turns staying with Gustavo in a shady spot he felt comfortable in. It was a learning experience. He is able to tell us so much more and the internet has been helpful in showing him something beforehand. He can be so funny and will shake his finger and say “no, no, no mom.” When he likes something or wants to go, he will show me the website and click on the map of how to get there so there’s no question about his interest! Thank you so much for sharing your family story!

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