Its been a long day.  

I’ve been on my feet for over 7 hours.  

It rained on the way home and I was stuck in traffic for a bit.  

I checked the kids’ bookbags as I do daily and realized they BOTH had homework.  Why dear God…Why?!?

So it’s been an hour and 45 minutes and finally all homework is done!

My daughter is pretty much self motivated but I do have to double check her work.   

MJ while an angel at school when they ask him to work, is NOT cooperative at home.  He does not focus and literally acts like he doesn’t know how to do it when I KNOW that he can.  

I basically feel like I HAVE HOMEWORK whenever they have homework (sigh). 

Anyone else feel this way???



28 thoughts on “#Ihatehomework

  1. Yes, all the time……and when your kid is actually a college professor (adjunct but….) and he wants your opinion about a big deal lecture he has to give and you are expected to read it and give suggestions because….you always have…….it never ends. It. Never. Ends.

    It’s raining here too. And is yucky. And I want to binge watch…..something mindless…..and eat chips by myself…..oh yes, where was I?……Yep, I totally understand how you feel and I’m laughing for no reason right along with you!

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  2. OMG that was me. I could NOT do homework at home. I didn’t mind schoolwork at school. But homework at home KILLED me. I could try for hours and hours to focus but I couldn’t. I couldn’t get motivated. I couldn’t get started. I couldn’t comprehend the assignment instructions. It was a hell I wouldn’t wish on any child.

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    1. I would be in tears. I’d be panicking. But I couldn’t get through homework. My mum would find out by my crying that I had a massive project due the next day that should have taken all week but I had never started. Horrible times.

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  3. Good Lord! Yes, I too hate homework and completely understand. After an 8 or 9 hour workday, traffic and weather who has the strength??

    MJ is a trip! He keeps testing those boundaries! 😊
    Stay strong girl!

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  4. YES, I feel the exact same way. Homework is the bane of my existence. Luckily, I can still help my daughter with hers — but at some point, it’s going to be over my HEAD!

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  5. I swear you could have written this about my Alex! I actually commented to a friend the other day that I’d rather bang my head into a brick wall while standing barefoot on Legos than go through the homework every day.

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      1. Exactly. I show my daughter how to do math problems the way I learned to do it and she says “no mommy that’s not the way my teacher does it!”


  6. I was a teacher, and I hated assigning homework. But, I was forced to by school policy. The kids were Kindergarteners!! I think it’s criminal to give youn g kids homework, unless they didn’t finish a class assignment. But otherwise, let them play and enjoy being a kid!!

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