Daughter Saves The Day!

Thanksgiving weekend has been great so far.  It’s always nice to have guests and sit down to a great meal. I love the family time that we have due to everyone being home for a few days.  However there was one meltdown that occurred on Thanksgiving Day.  MJ began crying nonstop after a toy throwing accident.  He felt bad about it and apologized but he just couldn’t stop crying.   As I was going to be “supermom” and try to help him through it, I stopped in my tracks.  I witnessed my 8 year old daughter “taking over.”

  She was asking, “MJ what’s wrong.”  

She was telling him, “Everything is gonna be ok.”

  She was wiping the tears away on his face.

  She was hugging him and telling him, “l love you.” 

 She was actually saying, “MJ let’s take some deep breaths…Breathe in, breathe out.” He was doing everything that she said to do. 

  She completely handled the situation in the way that I would have. She has been paying attention! I quietly walked out of the room and waited for about 10 minutes before I checked in on them.  I was so proud to see MJ calm, not crying, and watching a movie.  I wanted to cry for joy at that moment but held it in as I had guests in the house.  When everyone left and it was time for bed, I grabbed and hugged my daughter.  I told her how proud I was of her. I told her that she really understands her brother.  I told her that as a family we always have to take care of each other and love each other. I thanked her for her help that night.  She smiled the widest smile and said, “Mommy I love MJ and I wanted him to feel better.”

I went to bed truly giving thanks for my sweet little girl…and finally had that cry of joy. 



Santa better get movin’

MJ wrote out his Christmas list! Some Autism moms can appreciate how great this is! As he sat down at the table, I watched him really think about what he wanted.  If you follow my blog you’ll remember #1. He became obsessed with marble machines over the summer.  Someone please tell me what a snack machine is. I am praying he doesn’t mean a vending machine lol!  It warmed my heart to see him smile as he wrote out his list.  It’s wonderful to see him get excited about the holidays. In years past there was no emotion at all.  It was very difficult to shop for him because we never really knew what he wanted.  It honestly used to completely put my husband and I in a state of depression…So to see this list is simply priceless.  

Online shopping here I come! 


Why Yes…Yes He Did!

This kid made the honor roll!! I’m so super proud of him. It was so nice to see him interacting and “high-fiving” with his friends while at the breakfast.  He was a little hesitant this morning because of the change in his routine but he became calm once he saw donuts lol. 

   Middle school is turning out to be great! 


Movie Mission Accomplished!

Yesterday we took the kids to see “The Peanuts Movie.”  When we go to the movies with MJ I am never relaxed.  I always wonder if he will be too loud and disrupt his sister as well as other moviegoers.  I wonder if he will burp or pass gas loudly in the theater and then say ” excuse me” as he often does (Lord help me lol).  I wonder if the movie will interest him enough.  I wonder if the volume will be excruciatingly loud (I always bring earbuds just in case).  Yesterday we had a great time.   When what seemed like 30 minutes of previews finally ended, I said a little prayer.  MJ was totally into the movie! I was so surprised that he already knew ALL of the characters names! He was so attentive that I wanted to record him during the movie.  He also did something shocking.  He laughed at all of the jokes! Omg it was so nice to look over and see him hysterically laughing at the jokes.  It totally warmed my heart.  He is understanding things a little bit more now and it is amazing.  I can’t wait for the next one! 

Look at that silly look on his face😊


Dear Lord,

As I sit here doing HW with MJ, I ask that you give me strength and patience.   Please help me to know when to push and went not to push.  Help me to not get out the pint of Haagen Dazs that’s in the freezer and eat the entire thing.  Help me to understand why some teachers assign homework on weekends and holidays.  I also ask you to help MJ to get through this process.  I know it is not easy for him sometimes.  Please help me to know when he honestly doesn’t know how to do something vs him being stubborn.  Help me to not be a “yeller” like mom was. Her yelling always made me feel sad.  I thank you Lord in advance for all of your help with this.  



His Needs Over My Wants

I’m sitting in the car while MJ is in therapy.  We learned years ago that MJ does better in therapy when we are not around.  As a matter of fact while we were in GA the therapists didn’t even allow us in the room! We drive over 30 minutes each way and always have traffic going to his appointments.  I have considered switching to an office closer to home. It honestly would be so much easier.  We would have less traffic and less frustration. However, MJ loves his therapist and so do I.  She is patient, kind, and knowledgeable.  She never calls out and misses his sessions. She is always there.  I know that she actually cares about MJ and that is a wonderful thing.  It’s selfish of me but I hope she stays at this office forever!  I’m just so thankful right now for what and whom we have.   


I don’t care if he has an “attitude”

I’ve posted in the past about how I have made MJ lazy. I continued to do way too much for him instead of letting him do things on his own.  This weekend I told him that he would have to do a little bit more chores than normal.  He had to clean up under his bed, help to load the laundry, dry the clothes, and hang up ALL of his clothes.  He basically looked at me and said loudly ” I don’t think so mommy!”   I told him “yes MJ you will do all of it!” He gave me a bit of an attitude while he did the chores but he DID them! I’m planning to put a chart up in his room with all of the chores he is required to do.  Hopefully his little “tude” will eventually go away.  

MJ reluctantly hanging up his clothes.😏

“Just Gonna Sit Here”

I’m Just gonna sit here and be thankful for the “calm season” we are having with MJ. 

He hasn’t had a meltdown in weeks.

He has transitioned from elementary school to middle school effortlessly. 

His behavior has been great at school.  

His grades are good in all of his classes.  

He has made friends in his classroom. 

He comes home with stickers and rewards for doing well.   

He is excited to go to before care in the morning.  

Though he struggles with HW, he does eventually complete it.  

I’m just gonna sit here and be thankful for this “calm season” with MJ. 😊

First middle school picture of MJ πŸ’•πŸ’•. He was squinting a bit because of the camera’s flash.