I don’t care if he has an “attitude”

I’ve posted in the past about how I have made MJ lazy. I continued to do way too much for him instead of letting him do things on his own.  This weekend I told him that he would have to do a little bit more chores than normal.  He had to clean up under his bed, help to load the laundry, dry the clothes, and hang up ALL of his clothes.  He basically looked at me and said loudly ” I don’t think so mommy!”   I told him “yes MJ you will do all of it!” He gave me a bit of an attitude while he did the chores but he DID them! I’m planning to put a chart up in his room with all of the chores he is required to do.  Hopefully his little “tude” will eventually go away.  

MJ reluctantly hanging up his clothes.😏


14 thoughts on “I don’t care if he has an “attitude”

  1. But MJ is in Middle School, isn’t he? And ALL Middle Schoolers, Jr. High and High Schoolers have and that Attitude…it’s part of their age. I spent so much time nagging my NT boys in addition to The Kiddo when they were between 11 and 18 (and when the younger two went off to college, when they came back home, OY VEH!) it got to be a joke (for them). But I didn’t laugh.

    A chore chart will help but remember this, you are doing what MJ’s peers’ Moms are doing too….getting the kids to do their chores, without attitude. Be happy he’s behaving normally…and keep doing what you’re doing!

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