Dear Lord,

As I sit here doing HW with MJ, I ask that you give me strength and patience.   Please help me to know when to push and went not to push.  Help me to not get out the pint of Haagen Dazs that’s in the freezer and eat the entire thing.  Help me to understand why some teachers assign homework on weekends and holidays.  I also ask you to help MJ to get through this process.  I know it is not easy for him sometimes.  Please help me to know when he honestly doesn’t know how to do something vs him being stubborn.  Help me to not be a “yeller” like mom was. Her yelling always made me feel sad.  I thank you Lord in advance for all of your help with this.  




14 thoughts on “#Istillhatehomework

  1. Hang in there, things will look up. You already have three things on your side. You have asked the “Big Guy” to guide you. You are a strong & determined mother. Plus you have some yummy ice cream in freezer. My son is soon to be 11 and he HATES borrowing in subtraction. When he first starting doing them he was 100% lost on what to do, so he refused to try. One thing I did [shamefully] at first was I went ahead and put the slash over the number he was supposed to be borrowing from. I walked him through each, we made up a little ditty, “knock knock Mr. 7, I’m out of motor oil (or whatever) may I borrow one from you” this worked like a charm with him. He still doesn’t like borrowing in math, but now he doesn’t need my help anymore. Good luck on your journey.

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