Movie Mission Accomplished!

Yesterday we took the kids to see “The Peanuts Movie.”  When we go to the movies with MJ I am never relaxed.  I always wonder if he will be too loud and disrupt his sister as well as other moviegoers.  I wonder if he will burp or pass gas loudly in the theater and then say ” excuse me” as he often does (Lord help me lol).  I wonder if the movie will interest him enough.  I wonder if the volume will be excruciatingly loud (I always bring earbuds just in case).  Yesterday we had a great time.   When what seemed like 30 minutes of previews finally ended, I said a little prayer.  MJ was totally into the movie! I was so surprised that he already knew ALL of the characters names! He was so attentive that I wanted to record him during the movie.  He also did something shocking.  He laughed at all of the jokes! Omg it was so nice to look over and see him hysterically laughing at the jokes.  It totally warmed my heart.  He is understanding things a little bit more now and it is amazing.  I can’t wait for the next one! 

Look at that silly look on his face😊


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