We Knew It Was Too Quiet

In our house we are accustomed to hearing a certain amount of noise.  Be it MJ stomping on the ground upstairs, singing loudly, or yelling with the TV; it is normally loud in my house.  At certain times when it’s quiet for over 10 minutes we usually worry.  We know that something is usually broken, he is having one of his non stop crying meltdowns, or he is sleeping! We do not like when he sleeps before bedtime.   It throws off his entire night and he ends up taking a longer time to fall asleep.  This particular time I was having a conversation with my hubby and about 25 minutes had gone by.  We both looked at each other and said “ok it’s way too quiet, lets go see what’s going on.”  Sure enough he ended up being asleep ☹. 

Middle school must be wearing him out.  




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