It Only Took 10 Seconds

It only took 10 seconds for my son to do something he thought was funny but was actually inappropriate. 

It only took 10 minutes for 3 boys to see him do this and begin to make fun of him. 

It only took 10 seconds for me to explain to the boys that my son has autism and he does certain things that they may not understand.   

It only took 10 seconds for MJ’s typical happy face to look sad.  

It only took 10 seconds for my heart to sink  because they were laughing at him.  

It only took 10 seconds for me to tell MJ what he should have done and to tell him it will be okay. 

People wonder why I’m over protective and watch him everywhere we go.  I do it because I HAVE TO.  If I was not paying attention I would have never even noticed what happened.  I would not have been able to address MJ or the other boys.  

Whoever doesn’t understand that can go fly a kite. 

These 10 seconds are over.  


17 thoughts on “It Only Took 10 Seconds

  1. I am so sorry for today’s experience. Having two on the spectrum, with a third I’m not quite sure about (he has strange anxieties, won’t answer questions from non family members, and refuses eye contact), it’s not easy. And yes, you HAVE to be protective! You’re doing good, Mama πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m a lot like you; I am always watching. I am over protective and I get flack for it BUT the people that give me grief do not have a child on the spectrum. My son is the first child they personally know who is autistic. I think you’re doing great; keep that protective eye on your boy!! πŸ™‚

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  3. Sometimes we find it quicker to judge and make fun of another person than take the effort to ask: so what is the real story here? So yes, keep a close watch over MJ because you have to; it’s good you have his back just when it matters most.

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