Thank God For Toby😉

Bike riding didn’t go too well today.  At Several times MJ yelled out “BIKE RIDING IS NO FUN!” He still refused to go inside the house though.  We assumed it was because his sister was still outside riding her bike.  Just as a meltdown was about to ensue, the neighborhood cat, Toby, saved the day!   MJ forgot he was upset and began talking to and petting Toby.  

Right on time Toby😀!!



9 thoughts on “Thank God For Toby😉

  1. We got our oldest (now 19) who has Asperger’s, a ‘therapy cat’ when she was younger. A kitten (that was supposed to be placid lol) which she could have sit on her lap while doing schoolwork (we homeschool) and who would be a friend to her. It worked out very well. One of our other Aspie girls has birds and loves dogs too. Animals can be so helpful for our kids!

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  2. Thank God for Toby indeed. We had a cat that “found” us and really turned out to be Heaven sent. I never thought i cared for cats (always a dog person) but Lan’s interest in the cat really pulled him out of his “shell.” Sometimes pets are angels without wings. Merry Christmas to you!

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