Hygiene Horror

About 3 years ago MJ finally began to show some independence.  He showered unassisted, dressed unassisted, and got ready for school in the morning unassisted (except for tying his shoe-laces).  He remembered everything we had taught him to do and would use the checklist I created to be sure he didn’t miss anything.  We thought we had won the lottery! It was awesome to see him being more independent and it freed us up to get dressed ourselves and be on time for work. From time to time he still needs a brushing teeth and showering “refresher” but for the most part he has been doing well in this area.

Mj is an on-again, off-again bed-wetter.  There have been many weeks where he didn’t wet the bed at all and then all of a sudden he’d have 4 days in a row of bed wetting.  There is no rhyme or reason as far as his bed wetting goes.  MJ knows exactly what he is supposed to do on the mornings he wakes up and realizes that he has wet the bed.  Lately, he has not been keeping up with his routine.  This morning he was late to school, and I to work, because I had to basically make him clean himself and change his clothes!  He was very sad the entire time we did this. He HATES being late in the morning and missing out on some of the morning activities at his before-care.  He knew that I was not happy and he remained quiet on our ride to school.  I spoke to him (again) about the importance of being clean, brushing his teeth, washing his face etc.  His response was “I know, I know mommy.” I almost chuckled at his response but I explained to him that it is something he must do even when he is tired.  He seemed to understand everything that I was saying.  I guess time will surely tell.



I Suppose This Is Normal

Lately the kids have been arguing more than normal.  “Mommy, MJ won’t let me play with his toys!”  “Mommy, MJ pushed me out of the way!”  Apart from that,  I see Morgan trying to boss him around a little too much! Everything with them is a competition.  “Let’s see who can get to the car the fastest!” “Let’s see who can run up the stairs the fastest!”” I washed my hands before you did!” It’s silly, but sometimes it drives me up the wall, especially when it’s happening daily.  Yesterday they were arguing with each other then 10 minutes later they were laughing and playing😏. I suppose this is all normal. The ins and outs of sibling rivalry.  When I was a kid I simply wasn’t able to argue with my siblings. My mom would not allow it! We basically had to make-up quickly or hide our anger from her.  I’m trying to actually make sure their rivalry is resolved in a healthy manner.  Can someone give me the handbook on parenting.  I need it😉

A great argument-free moment from the weekend.  

Joy In The Middle Of The Day

I have written before about how important it is to consistently communicate with your child’s teachers.  For us it is imperative because otherwise we would never know what is going on during the school day. We always ask, “MJ how was your day today,” or “Can you tell us one activity that you did in school today?”  Sometimes we get a response of “good” or “I had a good day today” but that is where it ends.

Today I opened up my work email to see a short email from MJ’s P.E. teacher:                      “Hi, just letting you know that not only is MJ doing well in basketball, he has become a lot more vocal while we are playing.  He is doing Great!”   Coach

That email put the biggest smile on my face.  It is so comforting to know that he is enjoying other aspects of his school day.  He is engaged and communicating more as well.  I needed this email today.   Thanks Coach!

This Pretty Much Sums Up Our Week😬

Monday MJ slept on the way home. 

Tuesday MJ slept on the way home. 

Wednesday MJ slept on the way home… See a pattern here?

It has been a rough start going back to school and work.  We are all still on our “vacation, relax, and chill schedule” lol!  It’s amazing how happy he was to go back to school this week. On Monday he was literally at the front door waiting and yelling “come on let’s go!”  

We’ve experienced a little change in weather and he appears to be fighting off a “bug” right now.  I’m hoping we all will be back on track by next week.