This Pretty Much Sums Up Our Week😬

Monday MJ slept on the way home. 

Tuesday MJ slept on the way home. 

Wednesday MJ slept on the way home… See a pattern here?

It has been a rough start going back to school and work.  We are all still on our “vacation, relax, and chill schedule” lol!  It’s amazing how happy he was to go back to school this week. On Monday he was literally at the front door waiting and yelling “come on let’s go!”  

We’ve experienced a little change in weather and he appears to be fighting off a “bug” right now.  I’m hoping we all will be back on track by next week. 




23 thoughts on “This Pretty Much Sums Up Our Week😬

  1. It’s so wonderful that he is excited about returning to school!

    One of the reasons I’m dreading my son starting school, is the changes to routine that holidays bring about. Some days I think I rely upon his routine as much as he does, perhaps more. In a world where things can be so challenging, being able to depend on what comes next can be the only relief I get in a day. The difficulty that is dinner time is always eclipsed by the joy of his shower afterwards. The tantrum before bed always ends with cuddles with me and his favourite truck. Knowing what’s next always helps me get through what’s difficult now.

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  2. I am on holiday now but the first week I was off work was weird in that I kept checking in with the office and logging into the laptop! But now it’s lazy days and I am sure that like MJ I am going to be super tired when I make it back in two weeks. Hopefully I will look as cute sleeping on the way home 😊

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