I Suppose This Is Normal

Lately the kids have been arguing more than normal.  “Mommy, MJ won’t let me play with his toys!”  “Mommy, MJ pushed me out of the way!”  Apart from that,  I see Morgan trying to boss him around a little too much! Everything with them is a competition.  “Let’s see who can get to the car the fastest!” “Let’s see who can run up the stairs the fastest!”” I washed my hands before you did!” It’s silly, but sometimes it drives me up the wall, especially when it’s happening daily.  Yesterday they were arguing with each other then 10 minutes later they were laughing and playing😏. I suppose this is all normal. The ins and outs of sibling rivalry.  When I was a kid I simply wasn’t able to argue with my siblings. My mom would not allow it! We basically had to make-up quickly or hide our anger from her.  I’m trying to actually make sure their rivalry is resolved in a healthy manner.  Can someone give me the handbook on parenting.  I need itπŸ˜‰

A great argument-free moment from the weekend.  


33 thoughts on “I Suppose This Is Normal

  1. It all sounds perfectly normal – I tend to allow the bickering for a while, usually they can sort it out themselves – teaches them lessons in negotiations and compromise. If it gets physical then I’ll intervene. It is difficult at times x

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  2. It IS! They love each other, then they ‘dont’ but I guarantee they’ll always have each other’s back. Just wish my kids could be more peaceful about their ‘disagreements’ lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ if you get a handbook, PLEASE pass it on to me πŸ˜‰

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  3. It is normal…..I loved those *normal* moments in my boys’ childhoods, miss them! And it’s great Morgan sees MJ as her *brother* not *her brother who has autism* and whom she has to give in to/treat specially……they are Sibs and are acting like it. Sigh….doesn’t help your frustration with their bickering, though!

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    1. I should maybe clarify — by bad I mean you know, if there are any physically or verbally abusive behaviors going on, then there is definitely need for intervention. But it seems like some amount of sibling bickering is totally normal.

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  4. I think it’s awesome that they are bickering; sounds perfectly “normal” to me!! When my son and his much older sister “fight” I secretly love it because it is teaching Jake that he can have a disagreement and work it out. Love hearing about stuff like this ❀

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  5. Yes, I remember the days of making up quickly after an argument, but our arguments were few and far between as kids. I definitely think it’s the norm. Don’t let it stress you out too much! As long as they’re able to resolve conflicts quickly I would be too worried. 😘

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