“Saturday Morning Funnies”

I woke up this morning to this note that MJ was writing to his sister.  I saw him trying to hide in the kitchen and write the note. He was laughing the entire time.  When I approached him to see what he was doing, he tried to hide  the note in our pantry.  I watched as he ran upstairs, still laughing.   When I went to the pantry closet, I found the note.  It really made me laugh out loud. He really does think that he owns all of the TVs  in the house.  I’m actually impressed with how legible his writing is.  I love it when he plays like this.  We really get to see his personality.  😀



Accident Unseen 

It took me awhile to write this post because I was so angry when the incident happened.  If I would’ve written a post at that time I’m sure it would have been incomprehensible…Anyhow, MJ fell at school. According to his physical education teacher, he fell while running during class.  They weren’t in the indoor gym like they normally are.  They were outside and obviously on asphalt.   MJ’s knee, elbow, and both hands were cut up.  They notified me at work, called my cell, sent me an email, and called the front office to leave me a message about the incident.  I ended up leaving work early to pick him up from school because I wasn’t getting clear answers over the phone.  The P.E. teacher told me that he didn’t know MJ was hurt until he saw blood.  At that point he inspected  MJ and realized that he “must’ve fallen while running.”  It really bothers us that the teacher did not see this happen. That he is basically guessing about how MJ got cut in 4 places.  Aaaaaagh!  It was a big fall.  I immediately took him to the pediatrician to be certain that there was nothing worst going on.  They re-wrapped the areas and I was given antibiotic cream, gauze, and adhesive pads, and we were sent on our way.  We are still wondering how it happened.  After asking MJ about it, all we could get was, ” I fell and it hurts. How long until I get better?”  I wish I could get into his head and find out what really happened! So, so frustrating.    Today he is doing much better and is healed in 1 place so far.   The whole incident was a little scary and just makes me want to pray for him that much harder.   


War Has Turned To Peace

When I think back to MJ’s first few years of therapy, it reminds me of a war movie.   It was MJ against his therapists! Any therapist! He would scream, run away, throw things, and cry for the ENTIRE SESSION.  We would always make sure we got to the appointments on time and only on time. We could not get there early because MJ would totally destroy the waiting area. It used to be torture sitting there and watching the “combat” taking place.  It would totally take us to a sad, defeated place. 

 Have times changed! Yesterday MJ had his re-evaluation at the physical therapist’s office.  He was cooperative and allowed the therapist to do her job.  He did all activities asked of him, answered questions the best that he could, and was overall very pleasant.  When it came time for me to answer questions about home life, he sat quietly  and colored until we were done.  This past year he has met the goal of trying at least 3 new foods.  He also met the goal of being able to fasten and clasp all types buttons and zippers.  When the therapist asked me about the goal we had of him making some of his own meals, I laughed.  Is she serious? I told her that he will try to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich only when we force him to.  She also asked about the dreaded shoe laces and we both agreed that is a goal we need to continue for this year.  I’ll get the final results next week after she calculates how he did on some of the tests she administered.  I find myself once again reflecting and being extremely grateful that there is no more “war” when it comes to therapy.  It has finally become…Peace. 


#TBT Pics of MJ

Every time I look back at these pictures I have a good belly laugh! MJ was 3 years old and in the special needs pre-k class.  He was so unbelievably loud and hyper at that time.  You can actually tell by looking at the pic on the left.  I’m still amazed that they were able to keep him seated for any amount of time.  This was also the year that they began to teach him how to use the computer.   I truly miss the teachers he had that year.  They were a Godsend in more ways than one!

Proper Planning Prevents Pandemonium 

Hubby and I decided to take an anniversary vacation.  Other than the planning that takes place for the vacation, I must prepare MJ for it as well.  Weeks before our vacation I simply told MJ, “Mommy and daddy are going on vacation soon.” He looked at me and said, “vacation?” “Yes son, vacation.”   A few days later I informed him that his grandmother would be staying with them.  He quickly replied “ok mommy.”   My next step included showing him pictures of where we were staying and explaining when we were leaving ( down to the very hour) and when we were returning.   Three days before we left I created a calendar that detailed everything I had already discussed with him.  I placed it on the refrigerator and told him to read it.  It was so cute to see him almost “study” the calendar.  Other than the above I had to be certain his normal snacks and such were in the house.  Other than my usual list of do’s and dont’s, Granny had strict orders to remember that Friday is pizza night.  There would be an all out war if pepperoni pizza was not served on Friday lol!  Ok I’ll tell the truth… This preparation is not only for MJ…It’s for me as well.  I would not be able to go away, have fun, relax, and swing from the chandeliers if I was worried about MJ the entire time (been there, done that, was not fun)! Planning in this way ensures that things run more smoothly for the both of us.  

All went well! The kids had a wonderful time and the chandeliers were swung on 😉.