Proper Planning Prevents Pandemonium 

Hubby and I decided to take an anniversary vacation.  Other than the planning that takes place for the vacation, I must prepare MJ for it as well.  Weeks before our vacation I simply told MJ, “Mommy and daddy are going on vacation soon.” He looked at me and said, “vacation?” “Yes son, vacation.”   A few days later I informed him that his grandmother would be staying with them.  He quickly replied “ok mommy.”   My next step included showing him pictures of where we were staying and explaining when we were leaving ( down to the very hour) and when we were returning.   Three days before we left I created a calendar that detailed everything I had already discussed with him.  I placed it on the refrigerator and told him to read it.  It was so cute to see him almost “study” the calendar.  Other than the above I had to be certain his normal snacks and such were in the house.  Other than my usual list of do’s and dont’s, Granny had strict orders to remember that Friday is pizza night.  There would be an all out war if pepperoni pizza was not served on Friday lol!  Ok I’ll tell the truth… This preparation is not only for MJ…It’s for me as well.  I would not be able to go away, have fun, relax, and swing from the chandeliers if I was worried about MJ the entire time (been there, done that, was not fun)! Planning in this way ensures that things run more smoothly for the both of us.  

All went well! The kids had a wonderful time and the chandeliers were swung on 😉. 



24 thoughts on “Proper Planning Prevents Pandemonium 

  1. I love love love how you gave so much advance notice and planning and informing!!!!! Awesome!

    I remember one day in elementary school, my mom asked me if I was packed and I said, For what? Apparently we were leaving on an airplane the next morning for a long vacation. I had no idea. They’d talked about it for a long time apparently, and I was physically in the same room, but I never listened to them talk. I had no idea.

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  2. Congrads! And congrads on the preparations too. Takes a bit of work but prevents all sorts of problems. I don’t have to do so much with My Kiddo at this point. But I tell him where HE is going as he gets ready to go to his day program ( I forgot once…won’t do that again LOL!) and if I’m going somewhere without him, I tell him where I’m going, when I’m going to get back and who is staying with him. Really helps.

    Hope you had a lovely time….you deserve it!


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