Thought For My Life


It took me YEARS to get to this point…I’m finally here now.   

Image courtesy of @faithes_Charity


19 thoughts on “Thought For My Life

  1. I’m a better person because of my Kiddo, no question about it. So is Hubby and so are The Middle Boy and The Youngest…..and it took a while for us to get there. It’s freeing, isn’t it, to know, deep in your heart, autism isn’t the end of the world?

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  2. So glad the Lord has introduced us today! Beautiful children, Nicky! May God continue blessing you and your family, and may He quickly bring us all to appreciate His hand in the little things (as you evidently recognize and appreciate already 😊)! PS Our oldest daughter is becoming a middle school educator – definitely a calling…

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    1. Thank you!!! Yes definitely a calling. I KNOW that God has given me this passion for middle schoolers. Keep your daughter in prayer. It is still a rewarding profession.


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