Accident Unseen 

It took me awhile to write this post because I was so angry when the incident happened.  If I would’ve written a post at that time I’m sure it would have been incomprehensible…Anyhow, MJ fell at school. According to his physical education teacher, he fell while running during class.  They weren’t in the indoor gym like they normally are.  They were outside and obviously on asphalt.   MJ’s knee, elbow, and both hands were cut up.  They notified me at work, called my cell, sent me an email, and called the front office to leave me a message about the incident.  I ended up leaving work early to pick him up from school because I wasn’t getting clear answers over the phone.  The P.E. teacher told me that he didn’t know MJ was hurt until he saw blood.  At that point he inspected  MJ and realized that he “must’ve fallen while running.”  It really bothers us that the teacher did not see this happen. That he is basically guessing about how MJ got cut in 4 places.  Aaaaaagh!  It was a big fall.  I immediately took him to the pediatrician to be certain that there was nothing worst going on.  They re-wrapped the areas and I was given antibiotic cream, gauze, and adhesive pads, and we were sent on our way.  We are still wondering how it happened.  After asking MJ about it, all we could get was, ” I fell and it hurts. How long until I get better?”  I wish I could get into his head and find out what really happened! So, so frustrating.    Today he is doing much better and is healed in 1 place so far.   The whole incident was a little scary and just makes me want to pray for him that much harder.   



25 thoughts on “Accident Unseen 

  1. Kids get hurt. I can turn my head for one moment, one slight moment, and someone in my charge can get hurt. I am not saying there wasn’t neglect but maybe there wasn’t. I hope there was not.

    Bless your precious boy.

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