She Didn’t Quite Know What To Say

So!…Now that my daughter is 9 going on 19, she likes to talk with a few friends on the phone.  The other day I heard her trying to explain autism to one of her friends.  Apparently, she let one of her friends talk to MJ on the phone.  After their brief conversation, her friend asked her a question about him.  I am not sure what it was but usually it’s something like, “why does he talk like that?”  My daughter struggled for about 40 seconds before finally giving me the phone.  She tried to put the words together to explain autism, but she just couldn’t do it.   I was actually impressed with how she started off trying to talk about it with her friend…”his brain works differently” she said. I spoke to her friend and gave her the “kid friendly” version of autism.  At that moment I realized that we need to sit down with her and and have another conversation about it.  She does need to know how to respond to her friends when they ask questions about MJ and she definitely needs to know how to explain what autism is. We will be having that talk really soon.  We have to make sure that she knows how to answer those basic questions in a way that her friends will understand.



28 thoughts on “She Didn’t Quite Know What To Say

  1. Great post!
    I admit I thought my oldest child knew all about his brother’s condition for years before he asked me one day what “exactly” was the issue with his brother. And they were in middle school! We never never emphasized autism in talking with either child but we probably didn’t communicate as early and as well as we should have. Beautiful kids, inside and out!

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  2. Beautiful kids, Nicky πŸ™‚
    I know she will always protect her brother. You know how to raise them because you’re a very good mother. They are lucky to have you.
    All the best for you all ❀

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  3. Your kids are so cute Nicky! What a special young lady you are raising. She will be full of kindness and thoughtfulness of others. I love that she let her friend talk to her brother, I don’t know if my 9 year old would share the phone!

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  4. Interesting….my little girl is nearly 6 and one of her her best friends is ASD so they have had a great friendship but she has lots of questions etc. I am going to read your post next on the “talk.”

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