The Talk

I had “the talk” with my daughter.  No not that talk! I spoke to her about how to explain autism to her friends.  I began by showing her a short video about autism-What’s Up With Nick. She has seen it before but I wanted her to hear/see how the girl in the video explained it.  She is a visual learner so I knew it would help.  We went over a few basic responses and she came up with her own statement which basically says that, “his brain works differently so he communicates differently, plays differently, and he is really smart!”   I couldn’t argue with that 😊. I told her that if her friends have more questions that she can’t answer, then she could always ask for help.  I’m sure this won’t be the last “talk” that we have about this.  I’m so pleased to be having this discussion with her.   



17 thoughts on “The Talk

  1. I like the explanations! πŸ™‚ The video is helpful too…my son is 8 and is still coming to grips with Autism and what it means to him but to see and experience his sister accepting him the way she does really helps how he sees himself.

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      1. I just sent it to the Autism teacher at school. He is tasked to prepare a big prevention on Autism for the school assembly tomorrow for kindergarten – grade 8 kids.

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  2. This is wonderful! Wish those tools existed back in the 60s & 70s. I know my mother through a lot because there were No services or programs special needs kids back then. Pretty much most children like my brother Stephen wound up locked away in Institutions. My parents decided to raise Stephen at home despite a lack of resources. However I was brought up to protect my brother and stay close to him. I will always continue to fulfill the vow I made to my parents years ago. Glad now there has been progress for your generation.

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